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Hello World

Welcome to my first blog post. In this blog I hope to write about the things that interest me with a focus on web development and programming.

I’m a minimalist in everything I do. I prefer simple solutions over complexity. Recently, I setup a web server on a Raspberry Pi with Wordpress. I played around with it for a while. It’s a great product with amazing plugins. Easy to use and write great posts. Yet, the complexity was bugging me. Pages were a little slow to load, even over my home network. The default theme had way too much CSS and JavaScript for my liking. The admin interface has so many features, I felt the constant urge to tweak settings.

I decided instead to go with a static blog. Hexo looked like it had a nice balance of functionality and simplicity. It lets me create new posts using MarkDown with minimal friction and generates an RSS feed. All posts are just files in a folder, making backups a breeze and moving to a new platform should be effortless.