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About Me

Louis Bourque

Full stack web developer with a passion for the web, nature and health. Providing simple and elegant solutions to complex challenges.

Below is a collection of projects I've worked on.


Grid Awesome

Generate css grid boilerplate using display:grid.

Speed Reader

Speed reading app.

Color Extractor

Get Primary colors from an image.


Todo App with local storage

Fuzzy Logic Pilot

Simulating air traffic at an uncontrolled airport, using fuzzy logic

Genetic Programming

Using a genetic algorithm to evolve a program

Decision Tree

Building a decision tree automatically using data

Genetic Algoritm Knapsack

Solving the Knapsack Problem with a Genetic Algorithm

Genetic Algoritm TSP

Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem with a Genetic Algorithm

AI Snake Game

Artificial Intelligence snake searching for food

AI Gamer - Connect Four

Artificial Intelligence gamer competing to win at Connect Four

AI Gamer - Virus Game

Artificial Intelligence gamer competing to win at Virus Game

Ant System

Ant colony searching for food, using pheromones to signal the path to food. - Firefox only

Ant System TSP

Using an ant system to solve the Travelling Salesman Problem - Firefox only